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Just 2 Eat is an organization driven by a mission to build trust and opportunity nationally and globally. The goals we have set can only be achieved by working for and with others. We believe that joining hands means combined and increased effect. Partnerships to us signify better innovation and greater influence. Join hands and avail our kitchen supplies.



If you own a hotel, restaurant, café, canteen or any other food service establishment, Just 2 Eat brings to you a wide range of products that reduce manual labor of preparations and at the same time, allow you to add that signature chef touch to each dish you serve at your establishment. By opting to our restaurant & kitchen supplies you may cut on to your production cost and management cost. Our ready to eat food has a shelf life of up to 24 months which helps in minimizing procurement and stocking cost besides bringing your establishment to a zero-pilferage and zero-wastage zone.  Since Just2Eat meal packs are ready to eat and doesn’t require any refrigeration, you can serve meals round the clock, round the year.

Our proficient top chefs prepare these dishes from qualitative ingredients in order to satisfy the taste buds of our patrons. The dishes are cooked with no thickening agents, no added preservatives and no flavor enhancers. We believe that one don’t need them to produce delicious dishes if one uses the best of ingredients and have the skills to make the most out of the ingredients.

The space age packaging technology locks in the flavor and nutrients besides giving the product a shelf life of up to 24 months.

Delightful taste and exotic aroma, these food items are cherished for their rich content. The Just 2 Eat products are highly pure and offered in bulk quantities to our clients as per their requirement.

The benefit of using Just 2 Eat products

  • Low production cost
  • Low management cost
  • Less staff required
  • Reduces preparing time
  • Reduces serving time
  • Zero pilferage
  • No need to hire high priced chefs
  • Consistency in food served
  • Timely delivery

We offer you a assorted range of pre-cooked curries, marinated chaaps, cottage cheese and marinated chicken. To download product profile & product list click here.

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If you are a female aspiring to become an entrepreneur, Just 2 Eat runs a program which you can join to make a mark. The idea behind the program is to empower women who have a fire in them and dream to start their own restaurant but lack direction or finance or both.  All you need is some space and passion for food. Just 2 Eat will analyze and work toward enhancing your current skills. You will be provided training in how to develop a business and become an entrepreneur. Post training we will assist you to establish a food joint with minimum investment. We will help you to decide on the type of establishment like fine dining, casual dining, buffet or quick service.

Next step is registration and procuring licenses. We will walk you through this process seamlessly and without any charge. If you would like, we may also assist you in hiring staff. Training of the staff will be provided at no-cost from our side. Accounting and inventory management software will too be provided by Just 2 Eat for zero cost. Key benefits to partner with Just 2 Eat:

  • NO Franchising Fees
  • Technical Know how of Industry
  • Assist you in hiring staff
  • Training of the staff Members
  • Supply Chain of Food and accessories
  • Management and Culinary basic training
  • Loan Assistance for entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and inventory management software

The modal Just 2 Eat has, requires very less investment and human resource. With minimum of kitchen equipment required for our ready to serve food, you can start your venture with a very low investment As our meals comes in small packing it makes the management of inventory for you very simple. The long shelf life of our meals makes sure that you get a zero-wastage food establishment hence cutting on to the cost.

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