Rasgulla Dish

Rasagulla – Dumpling made with LOVE

Rasgulla aka Rosogolla is one of the most popular desserts in India and is widely loved internationally. The dish’s claimed to be birthplaces are Odisha and West Bengal. In 2016, Odisha government formed a committee that stated that the sweet has its root in Odisha.

They are known by many names like Roshgulla, Rasagulla, Rossogolla, Rasagolla, Rasbhari.

Rasgulla is basically a marriage between chhena, semolina dough, sugar syrup and loads of Love, its given a shape of ball dumpling which has a spongy feeling to it. The dumpling is cooked in sugar syrup, this process is done until the syrup spreads through the sponge-like dumpling.

There are so many variations, from being orange and creamish to being whitish and rubbery, they come in many colors and types as well.

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