Our vision is to train, develop and help in grow one lakh entrepreneurs by 2025. And strive to be a leading employment generation and food solutions organization in India and sub-continent.
Convenience to the customer is our priority. We aim to make life easier, healthier and tastier for people by offering five-star culture premium quality ingredients, hygienic & nutritional food.
Be a part of the everyday meal, become an essential element of every kitchen and turn into a food choice of travelers in India and across the globe.

Indian food with its ingredients and intoxicating aroma is coveted around the world. What makes Indian food so novel and so delicious, is labor intensive cuisine and its mix of spices. At Just 2 Eat, we try to bring the same intoxication of authentic Indian ingredients and taste to every household all over the world. Our team of highly experienced and renowned CHEF’s help us to bring WOW taste to your table. Besides taste, our food is packed in space-age packaging which gives it a shelf life of up to 24 months

We are catering to restaurants, food service establishments, and home kitchens nationally and internationally. We are committed to making everyday meal tastier, healthier without you spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking them.

Our motivation behind this concept is “ good food, any time and anywhere.” Our every masterpiece is made of 100% natural ingredients with 0% preservatives and harmful bacteria. Our commitment is to reduce pollution and food wastage in kitchens.

Cooking Ingredients

Authentic Ingredients

With every Just 2 Eat meal comes the
essence of 100% authentic Ingredients
that are used in every step of preparation.

Cooking Chefs

Meals by 5 Star Chefs

Our Meals are prepared by five star chefs
who know how to best cook a lavish and
a satisfying meal with wow factor.

Mutton Biryani Mockup

NASA Grade Packaging

The technology behing longer shelf life is
inspired by NASA and is based on
temperature control.

The Team

Just 2 Eat is run by Mrs Manju Bhat & Mr. Manmohan.